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The Good News


The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

BGEA exsists to support and extend the evangelistic calling and ministries of Billy and Franklin Graham by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all we can by every effective means available and by equipping others to do the same.



Creation Calls - a Video:

Creation Calls—are you listening?  Utilizing footage from the BBC Planet Earth Series, the folks at the Branch Church, Dallas, TX, take a look at the wonder and majesty of God's creation. Set to the song, "Creation Calls" by Brian Doerksen, this stunning glimpse of God's masterpiece is meant to glorify Him and draw the mind to new places of intimacy with Him.  Music by Brian Doerksen  You can buy the "Planet Earth" series DVD collection at:


The Good

This site invites you to respond to questions about how to know God and how to be a christian. As you read each section you can respond to the truth. These truths are not peoples' opinions. They come from the Holy Bible, which are referred to in the presentation as the Christian Bible. Millions of happy Christians have proved these truths. Why not you? Give yourself a chance!


J. Edwin Orr on "Revival":

Dr. J. Edwin Orr was born in Belfast in 1912 and concluded his work on earth in 1987. Professor Orr was passionately committed to Jesus Christ and dedicated his life to understanding and furthering the work of God - especially in revival and spiritual awakening. This website comes from the conviction that Dr. Orr has much to say to the Christian world today, because his message was a profoundly powerful, eloquent, and accurate explanation of what the Bible says about revival, awakening, and the deeper Christian life.



The Lausanne Covenant:

The International Congress on World Evangelization was held in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974.  The gathering was called by a committee headed by Rev. Billy Graham and drew more than 2,300 evangelical leaders, from 150 countries.  With the theme, "Let The Earth Hear His Voice," leaders participated in plenary sessions and Bible studies as well as discussions and debates over theology, strategy and methods of evangelism.  The gathering produced The Lausanne Covenant, a declaration that is "intended to define the necessity, responsibilities, and goals of spreading the Gospel."  Since 1974, the Lausanne Covenant has challenged Christians to work together to make Jesus Christ known throughout the world.  Also, hundreds of organizations use The Lausanne Covenant as their ministry Statement of Faith. 


The Roman road:

This website outlines "the roman road" to salvation.  It is an easy to understand explanation of how to become a Christian.


Talking to Unchurched People: 

How do we get people to talk about spiritual things?  How do we start soul-winning conversations? What do you fear the most about inviting those in your lifespace to "come and see Jesus" at your church fellowship?  For suggestions as to how you can deal with these issues of sharing the Good News,  click on this link!


Watch The Jesus Film:

Watch "The Jesus Film" online (available in many languages).  A project of Campus Crusade for Christ.  Called by some "one of the best-kept secrets in Christian missions," a number of mission experts have acclaimed the film as one of the greatest evangelistic tools of all time. Since 1979 the "JESUS" film has been viewed by several billion people all across the globe, and has resulted in more than 225 million men, women and children indicating decisions to follow Jesus.


Way of the Master:

150,000 people die every 24 hours—most without the Savior. We are deeply concerned that so few Christians reach out to the lost. Statistics show that this is as low as 5%. One of the reasons for this is that many don’t feel equipped. As a ministry, our sole purpose is to inspire and equip Christians—to teach them how to share the gospel simply, effectively, biblically . . . the way Jesus did. 


Christian Unity


Christ Together:

Christ Together embraces the idea that every single person matters to God. Regardless of race, ethnicity, education level, and socioeconomic status, everyone is of equal worth and importance to Him. Their driving passion is to help as many as possible find their way back to God and experience true spiritual transformation. The thought of reaching an entire city can seem overwhelming, but when the followers of Christ come together in any city, they are only a few relationships away from everyone else. Together, they can live out the Gospel in a compelling way and connect all who live there to the life that God has for them.


Christian Unity Ministries:

Christian Unity Ministries exists to assist and equip Christian organizations to experience Biblical unity.  They accomplish their mission through training events, conflict intervention, and publications to churches and Christian organizations across all evangelical denominational lines, with the objective of moving brothers and sisters in Christ toward Biblical interpersonal relationships with one another.


Mission America Coalitian:

In John 17:21, it's recorded that Jesus prayed for unity among His followers so that the world might believe that the Father had sent the Son.  We believe that the Mission America Coalition (MAC) is one testimony to that prayer - as leaders from across the country come together for the purpose of evangelism.


LTC Related Sites


A Manual - "nURSING hOME mINISTRY" - by tom MCCormick:

As he says in the preface of the book, Tom McCormick's purpose in writing the manual is threefold. "First, to help those who are seeking to start a ministry with the elderly, but don’t know where to begin.... Second, we aim to encourage those already involved and give insight as to how they could deepen their ministry through enriching their understanding of older people.... Third, the manual is written to challenge those who have forgotten or are not aware of the needs of the elderly...."   You can download, read and print the manual for free from the URL on Faithful Friends' website given above.  If you would like a printed copy of Nursing Home Ministry, it may be purchased directly for a nominal fee at this web site.   


Administration on Aging (AoA):

The Administration on Aging (AoA) web site is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a wide variety of topics, programs and services related to aging. Whether you are an older individual, a caregiver, a community service provider, a researcher, or a student, you will find valuable information provided in a user-friendly way. A government agency. Excellent information.

Reflecting the Christian passion for seniors of Drs. Rich and Diana Walters, this website introduces a new series of aids that is transforming spiritual care-giving to persons who have Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia or cognitive limitation.


American Health Care Association  - "AHCA" - : http://www.ahca.orG/

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) is a federation of 50 state health organizations, together representing nearly 12,000 non-profit and for-profit assisted living, nursing facility, long-term care, and subacute care providers that care for more than one million elderly and disabled individuals nationally.


Autumn Years Ministries:

Chuck Mosher's website has some great indepth material on the nuts and bolts of long-term care ministry.


Care Center Corner:

Care Center Corner shares links to active care center resources / ministries and Heavenly Rich Poems. Feel free to use the prayer page.  If you or your ministry needs prayer, please let them know.


Care Pathways:

This site was created and is maintained by RNs dedicated to providing seniors and their families access to quality information, products and services.  Good resource for finding LTC facilities in your area, or anywhere in the USA.


Christian Association of Senior Adults - "CASA":

Christian Association of Senior Adults' vision is to develop and provide ministry resources and leadership training for pastors and leaders of seniors ministries; and to encourage outreach and evangelism, service and assimilation, fellowship and spiritual/personal growth for all middle [50-69] and mature [70+] adults.


Christian Fellowship of Care Center Ministries - CFCCM:

CFCCM is a group of leading ministries from North America who work with their region's churches and individuals to develop Christ-centered outreach programs for residents of long term care centers. Christian Concourse is blessed to participate with this growing fellowship.


Community Chaplain Service of Canada: 

Founded in 1972, the goal of Community Chaplain Service of Canada is especially pertinent in our rapidly aging population: to help the needy elderly.  They do this by enlisting career chaplains to serve Christ in nursing home ministry; by serving nursing home residents wherever staff is available; and providing training and resources to churches.


Desert Ministries: http://www.desertministries.orG/

Desert Ministries is a non-profit organization that reaches into care facilities such as elderly nursing homes, intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded (ICFMR), rehabilitation units and psychiatric units for children. Since August 1992, Desert Ministries has worked to give hope and love to people who feel like they are in a desert-like condition: hopeless, isolated and discarded by society because of Alzheimer's disease, advanced age, terminal illness, depression and other maladies.



As a free service to elder care facilities in the United States, ElderSource partners with facility activity directors to develop effective volunteer-based one-to-one and group ministries, featuring a Resource Pack of Christian-based audio/video materials. If you are an activity director, contact Eldersource today for their excellent, free materials!


Faithful Friends Nursing Home Ministry: http://www.faithfulfriends.orG/

Faithful Friends' mission is to spread the love and message of Jesus Christ in the nursing home environment, providing support and encouragement by regular visits of caring Christians. They support other interested groups and churches with training, multimedia ministry materials, and assistance in recruiting volunteers. This is the patriarch of nursing home ministries on the web. To this site all others are compared!


Federal Interagency Forum on Aging Related Statistics: Older Americans 2008 http://www.agingstats.goV/

This website is provided for all to access the federal government's statistical evaluation of the key indicators of well-being for older Americans in 2008. There are free .pdf files, power point files and MS Excel files that you can download. If you are curious about the impact the "babyboomer" effect is having on the demographics of long-term care, you will find a great reference here.  Every conceivable category is covered thoroughly. A few short glimpses at the charts and tables afford a startling perspective on the realities we face as nursing home ministers.


Gleam Inc:

The purpose of this organization is to provide consultation, mentoring and materials to GLEAM volunteers who will provide stimulation, comfort, and relaxation for those suffering from dementia and related disorders in long term care facilities, maintaining their honor and dignity, and recognizing each as a whole person - body, mind, and spirit.  These materials will be organized to integrate the use of audio recordings of the Word of God, carefully selected music, and devotional messages.


God Cares Ministrty:

This ministry in Northeast Ohio exists to equip Christians to help meet the spiritual needs of people in long term care facilities by recruitment, training and support.


Home Free Ministries:

Home Free Ministries is a Christ centered and Biblically based outreach program. We are dedicated to providing programs and fellowship to seniors in nursing care facilities and to those who are home bound.


Leading Age:

The members of LEADING AGE (formerly: the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging) help millions of individuals and their families every day through mission-driven, not-for-profit organizations dedicated to providing the services that people need, when they need them, in the place they call home.


Love Your Neighbor Ministries:

Love Your Neighbor Ministries exists to equip the church to reach out in compassion to people in care settings . . . including hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, hospice care and private homes.


Lutheran Braille Workers:

Lutheran Braille Workers (LBW) is one of the largest providers of Christian Braille and specialized Large Print in the world. Their website states that all publications by LBW are offered free of charge and are made possible through the efforts of over five thousand faithful volunteers. 


Medicare information about Long-term-care:

A basic set of statistics and definitions.


National Association of Activity Professionals:

NAAP is the only national organization that exclusively represents Activity Professionals working in primarily geriatric settings. This association provides opportunities for professional development and personal growth.


National Caregivers Library:

The National Caregivers Library is one of the most extensive libraries for caregivers that exist today.  Find hundreds of articles, forms, checklists and links to topic-specific external resources, organized into logical categories.


National Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home Reform:

NCCNHR was formed in 1975 because of public concern about substandard care in nursing homes.


New LifeStyles:

If you are looking for a place for your elderly family member, New LifeStyles is a great place to start.  They include on their website a good description of the types of housing and assistance available for all the degrees of long-term care.


Nursing Home Ministries:

The goal of Nursing Home Ministries is to reach out to adult care facilities in America with the love of the Lord. Through commissioned chaplains and volunteers, they are gaining access to and ministering in hundreds of adult care facilities throughout the USA.


Sharing Jesus Ministries:

Nursing home ministers doing non-denominational services to meet the spiritual needs of a diverse population. Many good links.


Sonshine Society:

The Sonshine Society is an interdenominational organization for the purpose of challenging local churches and individual Christians to provide a consistent and effective Christian witness to people who, due to age or physical impairment, are unable to participate in the worship and instructional services of the Christian church. This is the premier nursing home ministry in America! They have the most comprehensive battery of resources and tools for care facility ministry in the world! And they are really humble children of the King.


Suwannee Valley Nursing Home Ministry

Our organization is called to spread the love and message of Jesus Christ in the nursing home/care center environment, providing support and encouragement by regular visits by caring Christians. It is our prayer that something on these pages will be of benefit to you.


The Joint Commission :

This link on the website of The Joint Commission provides a great search tool for LTC facilities in your area.  The Joint Commission is the leader in medical facility accreditation, with more than 50 years of experience across the full spectrum of health care organizations. It acts as an independent accrediting body for hospitals and long-term-care facilities nationwide. The Joint Commission is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization.


The National Institute on Aging (NIA):

The NIA, one of the 25 institutes and centers of the National Institutes of Health, leads a broad scientific effort to understand the nature of aging and to extend the healthy, active years of life. In 1974, Congress granted authority to form the National Institute on Aging to provide leadership in aging research, training, health information dissemination, and other programs relevant to aging and older people. Subsequent amendments to this legislation designated the NIA as the primary federal agency on Alzheimer's Disease research. Excellent information on illnesses specific to aging.


University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing:

Indepth treatment of the subject of the well-being of the elderly.


Virginia Association of Activity Professionals:

This state organization is in effect, a linking of all the local associations, though membership in VAAP is open to all individuals employed or interested in the provision of activity programming in long term health care facilities, retirement housing, adult day care programs and senior centers. 



WoodSong is owned and operated by Dawn C. Wooderson. Dawn is a Teacher and musician with a special interest in Life Experiences in the Second 50 Years. She has taught music in public schools, served as a church choir director and organist, and taught in colleges and universities.  Employing several non-traditional ways of teaching in community centers, retirement communities, and health-care facilities, Dawn seeks to answer the following questions:   

What place does music have in each person's unique experiences after age 50?
What can musicians do to help others enjoy the benefits of experiencing a variety of musical experiences?
How can we harness the power of music for health, healing, and palliative care for older adults with special needs?
What can we do to maximize the potential for mental health and a lively life of the mind throughout our later years?


--To answer these questions, Dawn visited many facilities and residences, returned to graduate study in Gerontology at Baylor University, and continues to attend professional conferences. Her study is enriched by presenting a wide variety of music sessions for older adults at learning centers, retreats, community centers, and residential communities.

--The Brain Power! classes for active senior adults grew out of her own life-long learning about the mind and brain in later life. This teaching grew into consulting, teaching other professionals, and offering the carefully selected Mental Fitness resources and Jig-Saw puzzles that you will find on her website.

--Sharing knowledge gained from a life-time in music and 23+ years in older adult services, Dawn speaks at national and regional professional conferences for health-care, social service, and religious organizations.

 --Dawn is the primary author and producer of WoodSong's Songs of Faith large-print hymnbooks and recordings. Her academic credentials include a Ph.D. in Music Education from Florida State University and Graduate study in Gerontology at Baylor University.


Christian Poetry


Finest of the Wheat: 

Jim Kerwin writes: "Call me retro, old-fashioned, or out-of-touch (my daughters have called me all that and more, at various times, and undoubtedly for good reasons), but I like good poetry. Poets aren't just people who can rhyme words or write in meter. Real poets, in my humble estimation, are men or women gifted with the ability to express deep yearnings and experiences which all of us share as human beings, but which most of us lack the ability to communicate—or sometimes even to recognize."  Go to "Finest of the Wheat" website for more!


Peggie's Place, Greg Asimakoupoulos:

Meet Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos, a creative Christian writer whose inspirational poetry and essays encourage and strengthen pastors and fellow believers. This talented "pastor poet" brings the love, joy and peace of knowing Christ to the many surfers of the Web.  


The Poetry of the late J. R. Hoffman:

J. R. Hoffman first began writing poetry in the late sixties, while serving with the United States Navy. A mentor once told him:  when writing, find your area of interest and circle near by. Jerry took that to heart and focused his poetry on the worship and praise of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Praise to a Wonderful God - A Poetic Video:

Steve Politte of “OpenMyEyesLord” made a video of one of my recent poems and I wanted to share it with you.  To God be the Glory!  Love to all, Shirley Baucom.


Bible Study


Bible History Online:

The focus at Bible History Online is history and the Bible. The Bible is about God's activities in history. It deals with actual people in an actual geographical area during actual specified historical times who had contact with other actual peoples and empires whom we know of from sources outside the Bible. Knowledge of the historical background of the Bible is essential to any serious student of the Scriptures.  Recent archaeological discoveries as well as comparative historical research and philological studies, along with an analysis and interpretation of the Old Testament text have made possible a fuller and more reliable picture of Biblical history than in previous eras. The Lord has allowed our studies of the Bible to be greatly enhanced with the tremendous technology of the computer and the Internet bringing the pictures of the past as well as the work of devoted teachers and scholars right into our homes.


Online Bible:

A freeware, downloadable comprehensive Bible study computer program with amazing speeds, many translations, many commentaries, maps, study helps, etc.  We have been using it for years!  It is our favorite, not just because it is free, but because it works very well.  And if you have a problem, the online support actually produces fixes for your glitches!


Radio Bible Class:

RBC Ministries is a global ministry whose mission is to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all.  They produce and distribute the popular daily devotional, "Our Daily Bread."


The Sword Project:

The SWORD Project is the CrossWire Bible Society's free Bible software project. Its purpose is to create cross-platform open-source tools-- covered by the GNU General Public License-- that allow programmers and Bible societies to write new Bible software more quickly and easily. We also create Bible study software for all readers, students, scholars, and translators of the Bible, and have a growing collection of over 200 texts in over 50 languages.


Walking With Jesus Ministries:

Presented by David Tait of New Zealand. You will find here the "WALKING WITH JESUS" Bible study course. This is a 3-part course of understanding based on Revelation 12:11. An easily understood, practical series on living the Christian life today. Compiled in 1993-4, the 3 studies, each accompanied by 6 hours of tapes, have been used by over 10,000 New Zealanders plus many overseas, to gain an increased understanding of what "walking with Jesus" is all about. "WALKING WITH JESUS" is useful for enquirers, new Christians and particularly, those seeking an extra dimension to their faith. Ideal for home groups and church teaching sessions too. A non-denominational course, it is supported by Christians from diverse backgrounds. The materials can be downloaded for free or ordered for the cost of postage and handling.


We strongly urge all to read David's testimony in his section called "What We're All About"!  This site also offers "ezines" for Christian edification.  Includes a "Tape of the Week" with great teaching material transferred from magnetic to MP3 format, available for free download.  There is a three-part book offered on the site for free download that Bro. Tait wrote in which he shares his insights on the Body of Christ in our times.





International Renewal Ministries: http://www.prayersummits.neT/

This ministry specializes in group prayer meetings called "prayer summits."  They have been promoting this format for several years and are a strong participant in the movement to intercede for revival in America and around the world.


Project Pray:

Alive Ministries: Project Pray is an outreach, focused on prayer, to churches, interdenominationally.  Doug Small, founder and director of Alive Ministries, oversees this ministry of Schools of Prayer, pastors and wives events, conferences, mission outreaches, and prayer leadership training.


National Pastors' Prayer Network:  

Since 1996 the National Pastors' Prayer Network has been tracking the Holy Spirit's work of gathering pastors together in prayer for one another, their congregations and eventually their communities and cities. The result? A website that offers:

An archive of stories and strategies from pastors, prayer leaders, cityreachers, plus

Dozens of interviews with cutting edge authors and Dozens of articles with strategic thinkers and

NPPNow: Blogs (updated daily) targeted to the questions and needs of praying pastors, prayer leaders, prayer-care-share evangelism and more.


Intercessors Arise International:

This is a ministry with a vision to unite, train and network the corporate power and vision of intercessors worldwide in order to see a release of God's power and glory for the furtherance of world evangelization. There is power released when the intercessors unite worldwide in fervent prayer. Join our networks and receive free prayer training that is designed to transform your prayer life and teach you in intercession.


United Prayer Ministries - Evelyn Christenson:

By God's grace our mission is to transfer souls from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light through prayer and evangelism.  The focus of United Prayer Ministry is prayer and evangelism. United Prayer Ministry was founded and is chaired by author and world-wide Christian speaker, Evelyn Christenson. United Prayer Ministry is a board of ordinary women doing not so ordinary things by the grace of God through prayer.


Germaine Copeland Prayer and INtercession.

On occasion there is a need for printed prayers.  When doing personal visits, reading thoughtful prayers can be very medicinal.  Germaine Copeland's website is a great source for such written prayers...and much, much more about prayer.


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