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Pictures of ministry in Kenya, Africa.


Kenyan widows enjoying a meal.Kenyan Widows Eating...Thanks!


Blessing Orucho Van    Blessing and praying over new Van.

Van purchased with donations from America.Orucho Van


Orucho Church in Prayer   Prayer in church in Orucho, Kenya


Children wading in flood waters. Orucho Flood


Orucho Church Group Picture    Church group picture in Orucho, Kenya


Bridge for school children in Kenya. Oruchu bridge


Kenyan Widow Praying   Kenyan woman praying.

Christina, an elderly Kenyan lady who needs our support!

Christina - Kenyan elderly

The mud hut that Christina calls home in Kenya, Africa.
Christina's hut in Kenya.

Pastor Peter Onyango and Christina in her little mud hut in Kenya.
Pastor Peter Onyango visiting Christina.

Salena, another Kenyan widow who needs our help!
Salena - Kenya elderly

Pastor Peter took this picture to show us the kind of truck
that he needs to adequately meet the drinking water needs
of the precious lives whom the Lord has given him to
provide for.  Please consider helping them! Click here for info.
Water truck in Kenya



For information on supporting indigenous Christian ministry to the elderly in Kenya, click here.

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