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The following are exerpts from Peter's (pictured on right) testimony which he sent us.  We have copied it here with some editing for grammer and spelling.  His friend, Missionary Mary McKeever is also a good friend of ours.  When we learned of Peter's ministry we recognized it as the opportunity for ministry to the elderly overseas that we had been praying for. Please help us help Mary help Peter!



I am 40 years old now. Married to Zilper (a tailor) and blessed with three sons David, Vin and James. My late father was a pastor and my mother a housewife. We are four brothers and two sisters. I am an accountant by profession having worked in audit firms for 14 years before I started my own book-keeping and accountancy firm known as Olasi Investments. It's serving only 8 clients of Asian origin.

I have been a choirmaster since 1979 and have transformed it into a ministry group (Assembly Choir Inc which we changed to Orucho Hills Centre to focus on the diverse responsibility in this region). Most of my accountancy income helps in supporting my family and ministry needs. I rely also on Mary's periodic responses to our many challenges here.

I am also an ordained Pastor with Community Worship Centre which we founded 2 years ago.

In my ministry, God revealed to me the need to stand in the gap for His orphans and widows, and to forever participate in spiritual advancement of His people into a Christ-like character (Discipleship). I am also a community social worker yoked with the responsibility of participation in any poverty eradication efforts meant to create sustainability and accountability.  I've spend so much time travelling, communicating and reaching trouble zones almost immediately, I am armed with details of the needs of areas of my concern and call. Our country is running to be in the position of one of the most corrupt countries of the world. I distance myself from this vice and refuse to grow in it. I am oak-eyed to its invasion in my ministry and often prayerfully intercede for our staff against this.

I am open to anybody who wishes to use me to reach the inside of this remote village either by empowering them or by struggling to eradicate poverty. I join every individual, family, couple, church or organization with a similar move. I am a strong Christian, so I uphold Christian values and do not compromise in any way regarding that. I hold accountability, by nature of my professional struggles, to bring up a God-fearing family and a strong congregation based on the biblical foundation and not on numerical populace.

I am also the Director of our orphan school which offers pre-school education to the HIV/AIDS orphans.

My biggest passion is feeding the elderly, orphans and converting people to Christianity. All of these are people-driven and there are committees at every stage displaying our accountability.


Joseph Peter Onyango


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