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Kenyan Widows EatingChristian Concourse

Map of Kenya, Africa


Rev. Joseph Peter Onyango lives in Oruchu Village, near Kisumu, Nyanza Province, Kenya, Africa. You will find Kisumu on the map below in the southwestern part of Kenya, which is on the east coast of Africa, just south of Somalia. 

[ Note from Mary McKeever, our missionary friend:  Kisumu is on the Western edge (on Lake Victoria), going East from there on the lower of the twin roads, Peter's area is in between the roads, East of the "T" on the lower road and just West of the territory dotted line. (Got it?) ;-)  Mary ]

The picture above is of some of the elderly widows in Oruchu eating a welcomed meal.  They say, "Thanks!" for your consideration to help them with your donation to Rev. Peter Onyango

For more info on ministry to the elderly in Kenya, click here


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