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About "Prayer Summits" and International Renewal Ministries


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The Vision of International Renewal Ministries:


To seek individually greater intimacy with Christ, and corporately a visitation by the Spirit of God upon His people. We want to see a move of God initiated and sustained in as many communities as possible.


IRM's Mission:


Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for unity in the body of Christ, through enriching and equipping activities for the leadership of the church that will lead to spiritual renewal, an increased spiritual harvest, and a change in society.




You cannot understand International Renewal Ministries without understanding the question that drives us. That question is: 'What would it take to see a move of God initiated and sustained in a geographic area?' We are not simply about doing prayer summits or conferences. These have been and are wonderful channels to help us get there. These are the primary medium we use to get where we are going. But they are the pathway, not the destination.


We are about seeing God impact an area through His church so that more and more people give Him His rightful place in their lives. As Habakkuk would put it, we are about seeing God's glory cover the earth as the water covers the sea. Or, as the Moravians would put it, we are about seeing the Lamb who was slain receiving the reward of His suffering. We are about seeing the Great Commission accomplished. We chose our motto, 'Building the church to impact the community,' to communicate this.




If you have questions, or would like more information please contact Dennis Fuqua at They would be delighted to serve you!


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