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For the smaller percentage of nursing home residents who need it, Christian Concourse prints and distributes a giant-print version of our Hymns of Our Redeemer - Large Print.   Both of these products are specially for use in long-term care facility ministry. Hymns of Our Redeemer - Giant Print measures 8 1/2" by 11".   (See below for a view of the cover and a sample page)  It is a lightweight paperback that includes the words to 27 old-time favorite hymns in giant print listed below. (The music score is not included.) There is a page with a brief description of the Gospel and three pages of favorite, giant-print scriptures taken from the King James Version.  Every song has a relevant passage of scripture included at the bottom of the page.


Hymns of Our Redeemer - Giant Print with CDsTo provide musical accompaniment for Hmns of Our Redeemer - Giant Print, we have produced an instrumental and a vocal CD. The songs on the CDs are in the same order as they are in the booklet.


The hymn book and the CDs are available to volunteers who do nursing home ministry and activity directors (or other staff) of care centers.  All you need to do is simply contact us by phone, email or written note.  (See contact information below)


These ministry tools are NOT FOR SALE!  We will give you as many as you need as long as we are able - all of our materials are produced exclusively for the benefit of residents in long-term care settings.  We are inviting you to help us put this resource in the hands of the residents you minister to.  Again, as our resources allow we will send them at no charge to you via U.S. Mail. 

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE ORDERING:  Because of the increased logistics involved in producing a "giant-print" booklet, we would generally ask that you request a smaller number of these hymnals than the "large-print" version which is usually more than adequate for most long-term care residents.

  Giant Print version of Hymns of Our Redeemer

To order - write, call, or email:


Christian Concourse Ministries, Inc.

1543 Norcova Ave.

Norfolk, VA 23502


Phone: (seven-five-seven) 71<four>-3<one>33



Email: chco ( put the "at" sign here ) christianconcourse ( put a "dot" here ) org  [spaces not included].


Click here for info on Worship Service Programs.


Click here for info on a sister hymn booklet, "Favorite Hymns of Grace".


Songs in "Hymns of Our Redeemer":

1.    Count Your Blessings

2.    Love Lifted Me

3.    My Jesus, I Love Thee

4.    God Leads Us Along

5.    When the Roll is Called

6.    Open Mine Eyes

7.    His Eye Is On the Sparrow

8.    When I Survey the Cross

9.    Near the Cross

10.    Beneath the Cross

11.    The Everlasting Arms

12.    He Leadeth Me

13.    In the Garden

14.    I Must Tell Jesus

15.    The Solid Rock

16.    Where He Leads Me

17.    Blessed Be the Name

18.    Day By Day

19.    O God, Our Help

20.    Showers of Blessing

21.    Jesus Paid It All

22.    Whispering Hope

23.    Redeemed

24.    To God Be the Glory

25.    Lily of the Valley

26.    Have Thine Own Way

27.    Just As I Am

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