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A neonized version of a huge goldfish in water reflecting trees.

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Dear Friend, below are many of the photos we have used on this website.  In most cases, they are on each page just to add color and a little intrigue.  Usually, when we use these photos, there is no intended connection between the pictures and the content of the page they appear on (unless you can think of one).  All of the photos in this gallery were taken by us, Jerry and Dar Johnson.  We give you permission to use them for any non-commercial, upright and legal purpose.  So, you can copy and paste them for use on your website or for your desktop background or just for a photo gallery of your own.  The altered photos were edited by Jerry Johnson using "Gimp" version 2.6 - an incredible, open source, free, downloadable software package.



All photographs and pictures on this page are © Copyright, 2010, by Gerald T. Johnson and Darlynn S. Johnson, Norfolk, Virginia, USA. All rights reserved. We give you permission to copy these photos for non-commercial, upright and legal purposes only.


Places in and around Norfolk, Virginia

A self-portrait    Cypress Trees in a sunset with a bright light - Knots Island, N.C.    air-roots of the trees setting the winter sun.    Masts in the Sunset.    A sail, a gull, a sunset in one.    Blooming Magnolia Bush.    Blooming Magnolia Bush - Neonized.    Quiet male Mallard Duck.    Sailing to Norfolk, VA.    Sails at Waterside, Norfolk, VA.    Tall Ships at Waterside, Norfolk, VA.    Easter Colors    Red Hot Convertible    National Holiday in Norfolk, VA    Norfolk's Whitehouse in Holiday Regalia    Vintage Norfolk in Holiday Garb    Two different worlds at Waterside, Norfolk, VA    Sign of the times in Norfolk, VA.    Radient Blue in pine needles    A picture of delicate.    Purple Violets    Ship in the sunset.    Flaming Sky    Channel Tressel on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel    dipping oars   Radiating Clouds in Norfolk, Va    Church in trees - Norfolk, VA.  



Intense Sunset.    Orange Clouds - sunset.    Wings riding the sunset.    A blue and orange sunset.    Osprey in the sunset.    DiamondSetting    Red sunball in the set.


Cape May, New Jersey

Lighthouse at Cape May, New Jersey    Cape May Light House - Embossed.    Cape May Light House Lit Up.    Cape May Light House Lit Up - Neonized.    Old Light House - Cape May, New Jersey.    Home in Cape May, New Jersey.    Beautiful old corner building in Cape May, New Jersey.    

Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Norfolk, Virginia

 Century Plant - blooms once every 60 or so years!  Norfolk Botanical Gardens.    Reflected tree.    OrangeLily   Beartiful dreamy tulips.    Sunny tulips    Sunny tulips on canvas.    Butterfly in pink flowers.    Purple and yellow pansies.    Purple and yellow pansies neonized.    Blazing red and yellow tulips.    Cream and Purple leaves - Norfolk Botanical Gardens.    Wierd pointy flowers.    Red velvety rose    Rose on canvas.    Bud and Rose in pink fuzzy frame.    Flowering Trees at Norfolk Botanical Gardens   Blue Heron    The King of Butterflys.    Neonized King of the Butterflys    Closeup of the blossem of the Century Plant.  Norfolk Botanical Gardens   

Bridge among the azaleas at Norfolk Botanical Gardens    Blue-Heron-Shadows   Goldfish and reflected trees.    Goldfish in reflected trees - neonized.

The Ocean

Gull waving at the wave.    Sun light on the water.    yellow sun setting    Beautiful clouds, sand fence, beach and grass.  Nags Head, N.C.    Star fish on the beach.    Star fish on the neon beach.    Sun setting in the grass as a gull watches the aura.    Sand and waves.    A splashing sunset.    Rays of sun in the setting.    Beach scene under a big sky.    Blue-green wave on the beach.  Nags Head, N.C.   

The Mountains of Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia

Blue Ridge Mountain Range    Rocks water and the pine trees.    Rocks water and the pines on canvas.    Water falls in the mountains of North Carolina.    Mountian Sunset Tall    Lacy-looking falls in the Smoky Mountains of N. C.     A rocky stream.    Cascading Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains.    Red Leaf on a path in the mountains.    A Jack-In-The-Pulpit blooming.    The Gorge in the lee of Linville Falls    Log Cabin    Ice Snow Trees    Cold Tree Line with snow in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.    Cold Tree Line - Fractalized.    McCormick's Mill in Virginia.    Fence post and flowers.    River rocks and red tree.    Rocks with a red tree.    Trees by the stream.    Fall leaves in the Blue Ridge Mountains.    Mountain sunset.    Hill and Trees.    Snow and mountain.    Short Mountain Sunset.   View of the James River in the Blue Ridge Mts.

Razor Rocks in West Virginia  Seneca Rocks in West Virginia   Face on Sececa Rock - West Virginia  Rock field on Spruce Knob, West Va.  Spruce on Spruce Knob, West Va  White Church in the valley - West Va.  View from Spruce Knob in the mountains of West Va.  View of Valley in West Va.   From Spruce Knob, West VA.  From Spruce Knob, West VA - 2

Rabbit on Spruce Knob  Red Barn in the valley - West Va.  Smooth Stone river


Flowers on Spruce Knob, West Virginia

 Flower on Spruce Knob - 2  Flowers on Spruce Knob, West Virginia 3  Flowers on Spruce Knob, West Virginia 4  Flowers on Spruce Knob, West Virginia 5  Flowers on Spruce Knob, West Virginia 7  Flowers on Spruce Knob, West Virginia 8 Flowers on Spruce Knob, West Virginia 1  Flowers on Spruce Knob, West Virginia 6


Gull on a piling.    A very still gull.    A very still gull embossed.    A gull in the streaming sunset.    White gull in the sunset.    Gulls flying in a neonized orange-blue sky - small    Gulls flying into the light in a neonized orange-blue sky.    Birds flying in an orange-blue neonized sky.    Pilings and Gulls    A Landing Gull    Gull flying    Gull - Wings extended.   

Niagara Falls, Canada

 Icy Tree at Niagara Falls.    A Niagara Frozen Tree.    Frozen Fir Tree.    Cold Tree at Niagara Falls.    Horse and Buggy - Canada.    Sobelized horse and buggy in Canada.   

Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon

Grand Canyon Over Look.    Grand Canyon overview.    Bryce Canyon - beautiful sculpture by God!    Bryce Canyon - snow in June!   


Miscellaneous Photos

Geese riding light waves into the sun. Double Rainbow in W. VA.  Red Dragster  Blue Dragster

Orucho, Kenya Photos 

Kenya Lady Praying    Mary McKeever    Rev. Peter Onyongo in Orucho, Kenya     Bridge for Children to get to school during flood season.    Orucho Church Group    Flood in Orucho, Kenya    Prayer in Orucho, KenyaVan purchased by gifts from Mary McKeever's friends in America.    Anointing and praying over the Van.    Elderly ladies enjoying a meal in Kenya    Peter's House    Water Tanks for Orucho Ministry    Donkeys Bringing Water    Orucho Church - built with USA gifts!


All photos on this page are © copyright, 2010, by Gerald T. Johnson and Darlynn S. Johnson, Norfolk, Virginia, USA. All rights reserved. Permission given to copy for non-commercial, upright and legal purposes only.

Content - © Copyright 2010, 2011, 2014 Christian Concourse Ministries, Inc.  All rights reserved.


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