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We Have a Vision for A Convention of LTC Christian Volunteers


An Open Letter From Jerry Johnson, Director, Christian Concourse Ministries, Inc.:


The outline below is a reflection of my heart's desire to see a national assembly of Christian volunteer long-term care center ministers.  These thoughts are a reflection of many hours of discussion and prayer with our board members and other LTC ministry leaders.  Hopefully, this summary will prove to be a seed from which we can progress.  We are trusting the Lord to lead. 


 If at all possible, it would be wisdom to rest a National Convention on the development of Regional Conventions all over the United States.  This being said, we recognize that the Lord may want to do it the other way around - Regional Conventions springing from a National Convention. 


Several goals listed below would be realized down the road a ways.  Some things mentioned in the outline may never materialize and there are some things that may develop which we cannot now envision, or have left out by oversight.


The implementation of conventions (Regional or National) would probably best be arrived at through collaboration with missionaries whom the Lord has called to minister in this field. This needs much prayer.  If you are one of those missionaries it would be great if you would contact us to explore your thoughts on a National (or Regional) Convention. It is with this group of care center missionaries that we need to discuss finances, time-lines and logistics.


Of course there will be hurdles, of course there will be setbacks, and of course there will be spiritual warfare.  But we know that with God, all things are possible.  We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!


Please respond with your thoughts. Respectfully submitted,


Gerald T. Johnson - signiture

Rev. Gerald T. Johnson

Director of Ministry

Christian Concourse Ministries, Inc.

1543 Norcova Ave. Norfolk, VA 23502-1720

(757) 714-3133


A Proposal for The mission of the National Convention of Volunteer Care Center Christian Ministers:


We exist to facilitate the assembly of [as many volunteer long-term care Christian ministers as possible] [in one place] [for a period of time] [on a repetitive basis].

Note: Above "[--]" = to be specified by the group who God puts together to serve the Convention in leadership.


The Goals of this assembly are:


1) Inspire the Body of Christ to mobilize in response to the legitimate needs of the care center community.


Christian media and press 

(CBN, TBN, Christianity Today, Charisma Magazine, Tyndale, Zondervan, etc.)


National and Regional non-profit ministries

(Focus on the Family, Coral Ridge Ministries, In Touch, Radio Bible Class, American Bible Society, etc.)


Denominational Leadership


The Body of Christ at large


Christian colleges and Bible schools


2)  Bless LTC volunteers with peer fellowship, material resources, training, encouragement and appreciation.


3)  Provide resources and ideas for the staff of care centers.


4)  Serve as a catalyst for the development and improvement of training and ministry resources for nursing home ministry on the laymen's level.


5)  Propagate godly discussion of Christian issues and concerns in long-term care.


6)  Facilitate networking between care center ministers and ministries on every level - local, regional, national and international.


7)  Maintain and staff a national office dedicated to the following objectives: Support a volunteer working board which provides accountability, oversight and leadership for the convention. Provide one paid, full-time secretary. Provide one paid, full-time Executive Director. Support various volunteer committees (devoted to the above goals).

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