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A Report on the 2009 Southeastern Virginia LTC Christian Volunteer Convention

November 13, 2009


Dear Saints,


Greetings in the Lovely Name of Jesus Christ! What a wonderful time the Lord gave us at the 2009 Christian Long-Term Care Volunteer Convention on Nov. 7th. The teaching classes afforded us fresh insights, new techniques and greater understanding for ministry in long-term care settings.


Rev. Mike Smith formerly of Norview Baptist Church reminded us about the importance of quality relationships in our sharing our faith with others. He emphasized how inappropriate being a "gospel gunslinger" can be, and, on the other hand, how invaluable loving care is in our witness for Christ. (Click here for videos)


Karen Land, past administrator at Westminster-Canterbury in Virginia Beach, highlighted the practical needs of nursing home residents beyond just providing them with formal religious services. Though very gently, and politely, Mrs. Land stressed that we need to see the residents as more than just someone to sing to and preach at.  (Click here for videos)


Elder James Jordan, professional activities consultant, exposed us to a deeper understanding of the practical needs of care facility residents and how we can help address those needs through our ministry in their facility. He explored with us new ways to help the people we minister to in their corporate worship. He showed us very down-to-earth techniques to involve the residents in the Biblical lessons we, as ministers, are trying to teach them. (Click here for videos)


After a wonderful meal, featuring cole slaw and North Carolina BBQ, we spent some time in corporate prayer. We prayed for each other. We prayed for our friends who live in local care facilities. We prayed for the staff of the care centers where we volunteer.


Rev. Jon Cash, our Keynote Speaker, encouraged us with sincere appreciation for the faithful sacrifice of those who minister to the weak and frail in nursing home ministry. Though nursing home ministers may not be lauded with accolades and financial reward, we are somebody in the eyes of God! Rev. Cash exhorted us to be on guard to the pitfalls of worldliness in our personal lives. He reiterated our responsibility to maintain godliness and fellowship with the Holy Spirit in our private walk if we want the Lord to bless us in our public service for Him.


There were over 110 who were able to attend this first convention of LTC Christian volunteers. The fellowship was rich and rewarding for all. What a blessing it was to gather with so many missionaries who labor in the same mission field. The atmosphere was charged with the sweet savor of the Lord's presence throughout the day! Thank you Jesus! And thanks to all who helped provide the financial requirements -  please know this historic gathering in Hampton Roads could not have taken place without your sacrifice. We pray that God Almighty will richly bless you for your kindness.


We know many of you were unable to attend this year, but we certainly benefited from your prayers and we are grateful. For those interested, we have  online videos of the convention presentations available - click here for more info.


Love in Christ, Jerry & Dar Johnson

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